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[ Lineup ] Konan [Taisho Period] Lineups


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Hey guys!



Mystery: I personally really like this double-sided mysteries, it opens nice possibilities and the ninja can work as both pos1 main and pos3-4 support, the downside is that it has 1 round battlefield cooldown so you can't use it as a support mystery in round 1

Standard Attack: Decent, hitting more enemies is nice always right ?

Chase: A good chase, immobile + 10 combo

Passive: So it's the same passive as 5 kage Madara which is a good passive for sure, a great counter for hit combo teams

Passive 2: This 2nd passive is not as useful as it could be currently, because the other Akatsuki ninjas currently don't require so much chakra except for example Edo Deidara

Generally we c*e this passive only as a small chakra generator simply to use other mysteries also which can be useful again in it's own way

Overall the ninja is good for the cheap price it has (currently costs around 5k for 80 fragments)

For those who are curious if she is better than God Angel Konan, well you can't really compare them since they are totally different ninjas but when it comes to overall use God Angel Konan is definitely better.

I wouldn't recommend her much, she has her uses but there are also plenty of other more useful ninjas (well unless you want her for collection and fun of course)

1. Wind Main



With using Kakuzu mystery you can have easily enough chakra for Edo Deidara mystery thanks to Konan passive

The downside of this team is that if your enemy has Susano Itachi/Masked Man your Edo Deidara might be in danger because you don't have so much protection round 1

He can be cleared of debuffs in round 2 from Konan mystery though

2. Wind Main 2 "the free to play team"



As the title says, a bit of free to play flavor

This team is quite decent, has immobiles, bonus control from more mysteries, cooldown refresh, reflect , immunity

3. Earth Main "pseudo Susano Itachi blitz"



For those that want to try the Susano Itachi-Madara-Shisui blitz team but don't have Madara

This can be an interesting thing to try because Konan will provide the 40 chakra also thru the Susano Itachi mystery use

4. Fire Main


So again, utilizing the Konan chakra passive + bani chakra of Fire Main you can easily have enough chakra for Edo Deidara

This team also works with water main nicely

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