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[ Suggestions ] old features need to be updated and rebalanced


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I totally agree.

The fact rank 8 and 9 BA continues to not be available to common players while the benefit of owning it now, in comparison with 1.0 and 2.0 is very very limited, makes no sense.

You can tell me that now advanced threads are easier to be farmed because are available at 1000 moon scrolls in grocery store, but is not actually true because that store has at least 3 better options to choose among that are cave keys, bells and myoboku gifts and since their quantity is capped then none would go for them after reaching rank 7 for the same reason why none takes advantage of that panic buy rebate: because is not worth it.

About jonin medal you are indeed right. I am in your same situation, i have a ton of days ac*ulated from when was worth to renew it once every two months, so, for 4/5 months i will continue to get the little benefits it currently grants, but once it expires i see literally no reason to renew it. As you pointed out the 5k naruto froggy and the 600 ingots monthly card largely outclass it now in terms of relative benefits.

About monthly event, half of the population plays since more than 1 year so they just capped medium refinements and medium threads and just got both the superrares in summon treasure. Everything else but the 2 seal scrolls that's there is useless but for new players. The event needs a serious upgrade and revamp.

About the shop, i never thought in depth about it, but you made me think. When people like me or you were new players the best suggested strategy to increase quickly your power in a new server was to buy there magatamas to get all level 5s. Now is no more so. Magatamas are in grocery store and in a ton of events (konoha outlet, konoha shop, treasure of the sage) and in each one of them are there with an huger discount. For new players that shop right now is just a way to disorient them and lure them in wasting their coupons. If, as you said, there was a full revision of the prices there, by adding, imho, some wide discounts for the first 10 or 100 items you buy there, maybe would make again the same sense it used to have when players like us were newbies.

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