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So6p naruto or madara


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What kurama naruto lacks is selfheal.

six paths have it.

This say everything about him.

About the fact dodging makes him not proc the passive effect of mystery cd reduction, this is true, but only if all the 3 targets dodge.

He is just not meant, in my opinion, to be move 1, exactly like kurama is not, regardless what people tends to say about him and how people try to use him.

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  • Shryke On 2018-11-12 11:03:14
  • What else do you want?

    Mystery each round, interruption to all targets, selfheal.

    If you use him + kakashi susanoo + edo Hashirama you have a team that basically can't let you cast (with a few exception not so common) and will absorb up to 100 chakra.

    As for damage, you could use a high damage pos 2 (ie. madara 10 tails) to cast after using hashirama's chase to steal chakra.

in that lineup both water main with shark bomb and nature energy gathering and edo hashirama (in the wind main version) work better, imho, as a move 1 ninja than him.

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