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So6p naruto or madara


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My review on naruto 6 path on pvp

Mystery is not that good: His mys doesnt cause repulse (like KCM) and so damage it not really good over all, also he only cause 3 combo each ninja so if use dont have KOH, if will really hard to start highcombo chase. Well at least it give him Exposie mode

Standard attack: Hit 3 ninja reduce mys cd but does not start any combo, if opponent ninja dodge his attack, mystery cd will not reduce.

Chase: clean buff and cause immobile, i think it not that great if opponent has mirror

Passive 1: Dodge, dodge always good

Passive 2: Explosive mode increase combo rate and heal himself when attack but only one round

In overall u will disapoint at his damage, really hard to work with any ninja have high combo chase. In my opinion he not good at KCM, Minato jonin in pvp

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