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[ PVP ] 10 hours of arena me<x>ta and being punished by bug!


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what's this? arena has been so lagged for past 2 days, now new meta is born. pick a very slow connection and win the game... just preparing alone takes 9 mints thats not even stating punching on your and your enemy pos 1... and yet if u leave try to move on, ur char still detected "still on fight" and can't do anything related to battle mechanic even after you relogin like 3x... so not only u have lostbut u been punished by abusive bug.nice


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30 mnts ++ for a1 round. xp

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Hi! I think the picture you gave is part of Survival Trial not Arena. However, I will let the team know of your report concerning Arena.

I do highly recommend for future to use the Bug/Support Section for any support related reports as this is the General Discussion Section. You can find the Bug/Support Section here.

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