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[ PVP ] About the current arena and power creep


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So I took a long break from ranked arena because I couldn't reach 6 paths sennin with my ninjas at the time. After about 6 months I got some new pretty competitive ninjas and increased my initiative quite a bit (it's not top 10 but it's pretty decent). At the time a lot of players were still complaining about the reward restriction unless you reach six paths the max rank in arena you will only get rewards for the most basic rank etc etc. Many players just stopped complaining and decided to move on because quite frankly the rewards for sennin are not that great six or so seal scrolls per month is not a big deal. However Now with the new zenith mode I decided to try to reach sennin once again as I read a lot of posts on the forums saying how ''f2p friendly'' it was. That the whales and the f2p had the same chances of winning and that the mode rewarded skill rather then just higher stats, And what I find when I clicked on that rank battle *on?. I found that it is just as hard (if not more) to reach six paths sennin as it was those 6 months ago and that you still need even more initiative now at least a minimum of 10k+ (my most stacked slot 1 initiative is just above 8k), that everyone is using ''doge'' ninjas and only the most recent paid event ninjas are viable. The game is filled with power-creep. A year ago you could clear ranked arena with super rares from gnw but now those ninjas are almost useless in ranked.I read a lot of people saying zenith is f2p friendly but to reach and play in zenith you need to be an ''initiative whale'' basically, what kind of logic is that?. Are we f2p/mild spenders just supposed to forget about ranked arena? about zenith?. God only knows sage world battle is a clown fiesta (No one has yet to figure out how the fvck the match making system even works there). The only decent pvp modes are the new 3v3 arena and even that is riddled with lag and time out bugs.

My problem is when are we ever going to catch up and do some proper pvp? I mean a year from now I will have lets say 15k or more initiative but they keep introducing new ways to obtain bp and more stats!. So when will this power creep stop? when are the mild spenders and f2p going to catch up? Either fix the matchmaking and match BP with equal BP or decrease the power creep so that the lower bp players can catch up and have at least a taste of some proper pvp. I am surprised why no one is complaining about this power creeping!. Maybe I was right and most of the f2p have left the game.The gap between heavy spenders and f2p/light spender is increasing once again. There have been tremendous improvements for spenders in the game like naruto purse event where you can convert 5k ingots into approximately 13k coupons and the ones where if you recharge you get the ninjas for free! this is the same stuff that Aristeus was talking about 1.5 years ago. When Aristeus said they were giving free ninjas then what is the difference between rebates and that? they just implemented that process into the game.

Now what have they done for f2p experience? Next to nothing! the only good thing from the new shop is farming 1050 keys and getting that 1200 xp for your treasure tools but that's like next to nothing considering the rate at which paying players increase their bp, And after level 10 you can barely get 1 level per month by doing this.

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