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5k madara or 6 path naru?


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So I can get either 5k Madara or 6 path Naruto... Im like 400 or so off of getting kurama link naru so I can def use either of these fabulouse nonjas... Who would be better I am not sure halp plz

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It just depends on who you have already to build a team and what you want to run. Personally I'm getting 5k madara because I already have minato set up to be my "carry" and 5k madara is a solid support.

6 paths naruto does look like a pretty great "carry" to me though, and he does work better with the bonus shisui than 5k madara does, as naruto does benefit from the barrier, and madara cancels it instead lol.

Hope that helps!

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I wouldn't spend 20k coupons on new naruto if you have kcm or are close to getting him, but that's just me. Regardless 6 paths and madara are both good ninjas so you can't go wrong

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BBB naruto is just overhyped, havent seen many ppl using him on CN, kurama better imo since he got bonds also and i would rather go for Madara

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i would personally say 5 kage madara, considering the fact he have kinda more use being a debuffer and barrier remover with a chakra steal combo and immobile standard that debuff and yada, and personally pair him up with bond mystery jonin minato and madara founder with shark bombing you got yourself a juicy cancer team

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thanks for the input. Ill go 5k and use the rest to finish off beach outfit I think.

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