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How is drop rate of lucky Sn4tch?


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I have some coupons and would like to try my luck with kisame. Is there someone who tried it and can tell me if worth it or no ?

PS: apparently sn4atch is a censored word.

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Its rng . Even u max that u might not get the ninja . so if u do that n still not get it dont complaint thats it

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I think you shouldn't spend for random event like this and try to piece kisame from another event. I have seen some people spend 10k cp and nothing happen while some just need 100-1000 coupon and have him.

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maybe i m lucky, but i spent 3.5k cps on it and get my kisame finally, with 3 x danzo frag (25) = 75 frag danzo. it depends tho

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we probably don't have an accurate number on it..

if it's say 50% of the time people get disappoint with rng? or 30% or 80%?

i don't think we have an estimate, so yap consider yourself lucky!

anyways, it's nver the lucky that people worried about.

it's those that went in full of gutsy feeling and expectations, and got rejected by the rng God.

that came out devastated, complaining and well.. spreading that toxicity..

its really not so simple i'd say. but if you can disagree with my statement..

you're well ahead to jump forward without any regrets. then who knows, what's next?

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I've had actual data with several events tallied up, the usual I-matrix stuff. It's actually pretty interesting.

Short short version: it's semi random. Some portions are in fact random, but, much like the Russian votes, they choose which ones are and are not.

I'd put up spreadsheets and offer proof, but my last couple have somehow been deleted, Can't imagine why :/

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Here's an example, not of the *, but say the great plates.

I offer this one as I had a rare opportunity to get an actual 2200 plates tallied, from a very patient person who paid and actually put in every single spin in.

Kudos you mad * you!

Here's a 300 Spin:

Great Plates BJ300

And here's the 2200, sadly without the labels, hence why I put this one up first.

Great Plates Volunteer2200

From what this one looks like, you have four "Random" pools, and the last one, Other, breaks down into two consolation prizes, the Advanced Thread and Seal Scrolls, then third, second and first place prizes, being the fragments.

Lucky *, Lucky Wheel, Great Tree (which despite it's bushy appearance is in fact a series of wheels), I have similar data.

Interesting ones that deviate from the norm, such as Dacing Capsules and the like are a bit rarer for me for info, but I'll endeavour to collect.

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I'll have the Lucky sn4tch, which must be mispelled lest the censors censor it, up soon enough, but if it's anything like the other "Lucky"'s, the data will be similar.

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Kaizer spent over 50k in random events for Hokage Minato. Never got him.

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  • Dilbo On 2018-11-08 01:07:12
  • I'll have the Lucky sn4tch, which must be mispelled lest the censors censor it, up soon enough, but if it's anything like the other "Lucky"'s, the data will be similar.

The second word depending on where you live is a nickname for a certain body part of a woman, which is why it is censored.

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Yes, but while a common term for excrement is not censored, whilst adding the word 'bull' to it suddenly makes it censored is just sad.

Also stewpid, which cannot be said, and oft times stik with a c. Cause' you know one could possibly be construed as something.

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has anyone noticed some ppl have really good rng? and some dont

the reason i ask is ive never had a problem with wheels yes they can be stubbon at times but i always get what im going for

it started randomly over time me and my server pretty much agree somethings up with my and another fellows rng but

id also like to add my free pulls have been or atleast seem very low i mean i started playing around new years and i dont even have

the d**m 2 tails seems very strange idk just thought i pitch in btw i spent about 3k or a bt more and got kisame scrolls 5 minato frags and 50 danzo frags

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