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[ PVP ] 3v3 arena, another mess


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Love me some new mode with the 3v3 arena,

I mean, would be nice if it was actually made properly, but once again, it's not.

It's fun to see p1 ninjas with myst activated not launching it till atleast 4/5 others ninjas used their..... AUTO ATTACK, job well done again, oasis. Keep wondering why people are angry at times :D

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i dont see any mistery delay such as you talking about.

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actually there i had that mystery delay bug too and i had to counter it sadly by putting auto before the next round starts , it was annoying yes but we managed.Also a minor bug but there was a fight were we had the battle speed doubled. But depsite those bugs i am still in love with 3 vs 3 arena especially those rewards packs, they are so good.

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sometimes happens sometimes no. two days ago i had experienced it, today no

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Unfortunately, I had this bug affect me 2 days in a row, so I had to go on auto. Day 1 didn't have any issues :L

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  • newgate446@gmai On 2018-11-03 19:40:25
  • i dont see any mistery delay such as you talking about.

Watch kaizer's video where he used edo minato on 3v3 arena. The delay is real.

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This happens too me A LOT of times! It's actually game and mood breaking for me. Also, there are times when i search for battle it gets stuck on the searching part and I can't cancel it coz it says I'm fighting. Am I the only one having this issue?

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Hi! Thanks so much for letting us know. I will report to the team regarding Arena 3 v 3. Will update you guys as soon as we can.

For the future though, please use the Bug/Support Section to report any issues you may be experiencing so that our support team can report it.

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