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[ Bugs ] 3v3 arena


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I consistently find the opponents 2nd and 3rd position to be faster then my first position in the new 3v3 arena mode. Sometimes the game just decides in advance that I am dead or immobile even though that has yet to happen and I can prevent it. Sometimes the mystery *ons get grayed out even though I have enough chakra and then few moments later someone on the opponent team uses a chakra removal mystery or standard attack. When will this server/mystery lag be fixed?. I have played well over 10 3v3 matches and all of them have extreme mystery lag issues.

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Happens to me basically every game, sometimes my position #1 Decides he "doesn't" want to be a prompt mystery skill user, so the entire enemy teams lineup gets to use their normal attacks before my Kushimaru gets to use his mystery.

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happened to me too today.

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