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[ Bugs ] Guy (Gate of Shock) Skills are bug visual or not effective?


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It says 8 inner gates, will launch an extra standard attack before EACH ACTION including before launch the mystery, is it? but why this guy straight use mystery instead of hit with standard attack before doing mystery?


Hot Blooded Guidance - It that really they will heal? Even without ignition on my team, they did not healed while deal Taijutsu Damage. I'm not provided any screenshot here sorry.

Is this also visual bug or the skills is included a buff? btw I'm using madara 5km with guy gate of shock.

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Unfortunately, this has been reported plenty of times and our developers are aware of it.

The correct description should be this.


Hope that helps clear it up!

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Alright, thanks for the information mate. that make thing clear now. I hope dev will fix it soon as possible.

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The skills have false description and/or not working properly, This has been reported multiple times by now.

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