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[ Events ] Event Cycle - 1st November


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  • SSirus On 2018-11-01 01:36:34
  • ^_^ All us F2P laughing at the spenders who get mad all the time lol

Define "spenders". Spenders of in-game currency(coupons) or actual money(ingots)?

Surely, you don't think people who are willingly spending actual money on the game are the ones getting mad and being laughed at.

I think it's clear that F2P players who have limited coupons and can't get any of the recharge rebate benefits (ie: the new clothing) are the ones that are getting constantly upset...

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  • SSirus On 2018-11-01 02:29:43
  • Actual money, experienced F2Ps wouldn't even buy the clothing week 1 it came out even if it was purchasable with coupons unless there some extraordinary deal. The reason behind the fact that most spenders are getting mad is because they must have the newest stuff asap, and in terms of ninjas, most will probably play with a new ninja for a bit before never really using them again (with a few exceptions). Not I'm not saying spenders are bad but F2P really don't care about getting the newest things as soon as possible but rather wait for good deals and only buy ninjas they need.

I must be misunderstanding something as the point you seem to be trying to make seems rather backwards to me...

The very reason that F2P players can't or don't buy new NINJA/CLOTHING the week they're out is why we hear so much complaining about so much new stuff being released. It's a waiting game and F2P players simply don't have the resources to complete any of them until several events later. So I can understand their pain.

Event cycles where spenders can recharge WITHOUT spending any ingots or coupons while getting the latest meta NINJAS (I'm looking at you Edo Minato whose Mystery just now got buffed to meta-relevance) and items is the absolute MOST advantageous for SPENDERS, so why would they complain?

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