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[ Events ] Event Cycle - 1st November


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  • Tobiadraggon On 2018-11-01 00:05:13
  • Regarding the outfits in china they almost get every outfit free but the stats are non existent there and you have to upgrade them through some materials to get the full stats. We on the other hand , we get it with full stats that is why we pay a lot to get them.

We don't even know what stat it would have. Since initative tends to cost more alongside how great the designs are, I can understand why they made it ingots only but for that price is too high.

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  • SSirus On 2018-11-01 02:29:43
  • Actual money, experienced F2Ps wouldn't even buy the clothing week 1 it came out even if it was purchasable with coupons unless there some extraordinary deal. The reason behind the fact that most spenders are getting mad is because they must have the newest stuff asap, and in terms of ninjas, most will probably play with a new ninja for a bit before never really using them again (with a few exceptions). Not I'm not saying spenders are bad but F2P really don't care about getting the newest things as soon as possible but rather wait for good deals and only buy ninjas they need.

Probably don't want to say all f2p are capable of waiting. Don't forget inexperienced f2p haven't seen the pattern of how outfits are released.

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  • JushinUchiha On 2018-11-01 09:28:11
  • Regardless of that essay you wrote f2p are nearly as important as paying players (and this is coming from a spender [not a whale]) and unless they preserve that base of free players the game will go downhill fast. It is a ridiculous and crap attitude to treat free players as somehow < when without them the servers would be empty. The problem is not the release of new stuff its the rate that new stuff is being released at. In just six weeks we have had three new clothings and not one of those releases saw that clothing reappearing before the next one came out. Now compare that to the past where we had 1 every 4-6 weeks.

    Is this forum super toxic at times with constant complaining? Yes, it is. Does that mean that nothing that they say is valid and that they never get it right? No, its not. Its an aggregate of new ninja, new clothing etc. releasing like crazy. BA Clothing is a high priority for the majority of players so when they come out at the rate they are currently it is upsetting to players. Just because they complain all the time about a variety of different topics doesn't mean they don't get it right sometimes.

However, it takes people like us to actually voice their concerns in an civilized manner so people can understand rather than something you expect from children that can be viewed as just complaining with little suggestions. I mean you already have one spammer here that isn't offering any good insight and just playing the victim.

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  • Beavis On 2018-11-01 11:21:34
  • I agree, if you poo poo it without providing a realistic alternative, it doesn't help them help us. It is easy to point out what you think is going wrong, the hard part is finding a solution to that.

    Some surely feel they are going unheard. That is part of what brings about the complainers, but as an example of them hearing us out, look at what they did do with the sakura's gift ordeal. They gave out a bunch of stuff based on what people asked for as compensation. While I personally am still a little bitter about it...they did what they were allowed to do for us, and to the fullest. I think they deserve some credit for that. Was easily over 1k coupons worth of stuff (at least on my server).

    I just hope they fixed pricing in the sakura's gift shop so that it is a decent event without fukuro rebate or some other event to support it.

The thing about Sakura is that it is a similar case with great keys. I don't know why people were expecting it would not be the same case. I just saw the improved rates and prices for Sakura as temporary and they would go back to what it used to be just like great keys.

Whether or not Oasis decides to bring in the improved rates in random times like great keys is up to them, but at least it is better than not having it at all.

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  • s177 Kira On 2018-11-05 13:49:20
  • I'm not complaining, but the spending to rewards ratio in this game should be reasonable to any other browser game out on the market.

    $500 is $500 at the end of the day, you can not argue $500 spent towards 1 event cycle and it's an amount you can never retrieve back.

    There's many spenders on our server that make min wage, so you're saying working 50-80+ hours for 3/5ths of an outfit is marketable?

    Before coming to such conclusions do think in the spender's shoes before making such comments again.

    Not going to touch on f2p. F2p's in this game have access to many features that are never accessible as f2p's in other browser games.

    You need to familiarize yourself more with p2p/f2p browser games if you think f2p's have priority and should have accessibility on every new update.

Sadly, it seems like a lot of people aren't familiar with the dynamics between p2w and f2p. Perhaps the browser games aren't appealing as they used to. However, the same model has moved to apps and there are similar games that have the same dynamic as this game.

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