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OC design: Zaffy Blaze.


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Ok, so as you know, I've got an idea of original character, being the son of two of our mains- Azure and Scarlet.

His name is Zaffy Blaze. (him to his father: "So, your first and only son is born and from all the great names you come up with Zaffy??? Dude...")

A bit about him:


Age: 16

Height: 168cm

Weight: 52kg

Bloodtype: AB

Like mentioned in previous post, he is a bit wild child- hates to sit in one place for too long, usually speak out his mind, tend to pick up fights very often. He has problems with focusing on one thing for longer time, therefore his ninja training lack a lot in some things (and as his sensei said- double natures of his chakra are in constant conflict, which lead to some issues with casting jutsus but also has effect on his behavior).

As for skills- I supposed to prepare pro skillset but that is on the way~~

Anyway: he has double nature of chakra- Water and Fire but still need a lot of training to master them. (many times he has to use water release to take care of fires he causes by accident).

He also have dojutsu inherited from father (since we dont have clear info about that and I refuse to give them sharingan- it's my idea about this) which allows him to for example: reflect 1 debuff per round to opponent- but different to Scarlet, his dojutsu is a "evolved" version- special addition to it is Passive Skill that grants Zaffy immunity for debuffs after his HP drops below 50%

As mystery he can release high temperature steam attack that causes dmg to entire lineup and blindness to ninjas in front row.

Bomb Blast Dance as standard attack (small chance for causing ignite status to up to 3 ninjas)

Chase- Water Style- Water Trumpet (same as Azure's) triggered with 10 combo, dmg 2 opp units and causes 5 combo.

2nd passive- "Hot Head" - whenever this unit suffer a taijustu dmg, there's a high chance of causing Ignite status to attacking unit.

(this is when I run out of steam to type down any more ideas)

And so- enough of talking for now, let's move to the design:

All luxurious, colored version of Zaffy. I decided that this hair color is the best u.u


Outfit/ whole body view:


And bonus! Chib and all cute Zaffy-chan :3


And that's all for now "breathes out" cheers luvs

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  • ⛧Akuma⛧ On 2018-10-31 06:22:57
  • *, so many details in here.

    Basically he is quite like Todoroki-kun, right?

    I like the digital version but you should practice a little bit on a shadowing ;)

    "In his opinion standard ninja shoes have zero style and are not practical at all"

    Tbh I don't like his shoes but I like his jacket :)

    Chibi version: I like it so much, so kawaii

Like Todoroki? Hmm if you treat chakra nature as quirks then ok, since he get from both parents- but beside that, he's nothing similar

As for outfit- he has his own style which he finds as superior- and he doesn't care of opinion of anyone. But truth is that he just needed that few extra cm of height from those shoes xD

He is calling people (both genders) "dude" a lot. Also- he tend to say "ya' " instaead of you, ex: " and what will ya' do now, huh?". (this one comes from my personal style haha)

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  • ⛧Akuma⛧ On 2018-10-31 06:46:50
  • I wonder if he can be pissed off by calling him SHORTY


"Dude, ya' gonna see how tall I will be when ya' will be crying on ground, begging for mercy!!"

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  • e.m.c On 2018-10-31 09:56:00
  • lolol

    this is great.

    Although, he'd prolly have a passive heal/life leech too. Don't think Azure would let him not learn any healing at all XD, 'specially with him getting hurt often, lol

    "You're gonna learn iryo-ninjutsu, Zaffy"

    "Whyyyy, don't wan----omg look, dad just farted out fire. DAADDD~~ TEACH ME YOUR NEW JUTSU!"




    And eventually he learns the basics...eventually....xD

"farted out fire" oh gosh i died xD

Well, learning healing jutsu require lots of patience and good chakra control- he lacks in both. There's still a long road for him to become great ninja ;)

But yeah, eventually he will mature a bit and learn boring basics, haha

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  • ClumsyDrawer On 2018-10-31 11:12:17
  • nice, and I like the chibi version of him in the bottom. I should make chibi version of Azura and Scar, maybe

    Edit : well, chibi version of Scar since I've made several chibi Azura in the past

Yes, please make more of your adorable chibis! <3

And today I will start working on the daughter of Breeze and Crimson~

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  • ☪Anderム☪ On 2018-11-01 14:18:16
  • also he looks like little bit Dante from DMC5

You mean reboot version of DMC I bet- the one with "emo" Dante? Because DMC5 will have kinda oldie Dante :P

hahaha I love DMC x3

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