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Everytime i set my team in auto mode, why does my 2nd move mystery first than my 1st move? any idea how to fix this?

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What's your team? If your 2nd post has debuff on their mystery, they will go first. They prioritized mystery with debuff on AUTO mode or the hierarchy of debuff. We need to Ask @jiburiru about this.

For example, Kushina is my 1st pos, and bee jinchu was the 2nd but on AUTO bee always go first. IGNITE > PARALYSIS.

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my 2nd move is asuma and my 1st is fire main

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the auto bot also prioritizes higher chakra mysteries over lower ones. Asuma's mystery costs 40 chakra, whereas fire main's mystery costs 20. the auto bot it's going to choose to cast asuma's mystery before fire, even tho asuma is place pos2.

you can't do anything to avoid this except take this rule and your mystery cost into account, and build a different team.

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^ Another case.

Jonin Minato - 20

Asuma - 40

Jonin Minato will go first round 2, game will prioritize him to interrupt something.


This case though.

Example of Ranked Battle.

When Hanzo and Madara Five Kage are in the same team.

Hanzo, who doesn't have prompt skill, was picked, instead of M5K who has prompt skill with same chakra usage.

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