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Moon scrolls


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What is the maximum limit for moon scrolls today, 68k per week?

Last week they scored their maximum amount every day and the limit did not increase.

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I meant the part about not spending moon scrolls leading to an increase. Not the part about not reaching the limit increasing the limit on the next week. But thank you all the same.

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  • The Blacksmith On 2018-10-29 21:02:35
  • Is what Pupsiiiii said true?

yes, it is. If you don't reach the cap then the following week the cap gets increased by half the amount you didn't gather (lets say you are at 50k and your current cap is 58k, then next week your cap becomes 62k (58k + 8k/2))

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Is what Pupsiiiii said true?

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Apparently not spending moon scrolls, does add to the limit as well. Which lead to the situation where my alt had 79k limit ( i believe 80k is max), while only gaining like 40k scrolls a week, while my main who maxed out every week since the feature came up, had 68k (less now after the cave key rebate, where all the scrolls got spent).

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Depends on your level I think

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