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Six path on new server


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Is it possible to rush arena six path on a new server?

If it is, how fast? *Assuming you have a really good ninja and initiative.

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Since a new server is not cross server (I think it is still the standard 2 months before it goes cross server), it depends on how many are doing ranked arena on the server. If your server has a lot of newbies, they might not even understand what ranked is and skip it until they understand why people are doing it.

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Use dodge ninjas preferably shisui and masked man. You win most of the time and loss few. Note only whales can beat you having AGk or same lineup.

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Really depends on your level and how far the server is. Usually once people on a new server enter arena, it is not uncommon for the fights to take 7 turns. Once you are clearly ahead of the competition you can do it fast.

Last but not least: if nobody is in ranked mode, you will be put up against a clone (bot) of a team that earlier played in the arena, so don't be surprised if you find yourself fighting someone who is not even online.

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I did it at second week of the server,it took me 1 day to reach six path.Used suit Sasuke,cloak Sakura and regular Hinata,with lightning main.

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With 4 alts is actually possible to...

Wait, that's forbidden!

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  • Garv On 2018-10-28 08:08:47
  • With 4 alts is actually possible to...

    Wait, that's forbidden!

And yet you still have people confessing about it when they report a bug.

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