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[ Fanfiction ] This Is How It All Ends(Rating M) - Preview


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The entire world has been saved. Madara has been defeated, Kaguya has been sealed. All that's left was to undo the Infinite Tsukuyomi that has been wrought upon the whole populace of the world.

Sadly, the time may never come. Team 7...had fallen. Succ*mbing to their injuries sustained in the fight against the Pro*or of Chakra. Now, forever will the world be trapped in the endless illusion, dispalying their greatest desires.

However, therein lies the slimmest of hope. But it would take a great miracle for it to be achieved. The former guardians of Naruto had with them, a Rinnegan, which all bore only one tomoe. It would be enough to undo the powerful Genjutsu.

But unfortunately, all of them were locked in a terrifying combat. Zetsu had the last laugh. He had trapped the five of them in dark Genjutsu, forcing out their innermost dark emotions, namely hatred. Every positive emotion was buried and locked deep. No barrels held. No mercy to be shown. No more friendships, camaraderie, or bonds.

Only death.

The corpse of Maito Daichi was slumped at the foot of the valley. His body was shredded, an arm ripped off, his legs both gone, a large pool of blood rippling below him. Yet even in death, he still had a smile on his face. Albeit, a blood covered one.

Over yonder, one could hear the ongoing sounds of battle. Weapons and jutsus clashing, shouts of hatred and insults thrown about. There was nothing, but negativeness in those areas.

In one corner, dozens of steam clouds kept on erupting, both fire AND water clashing over and over. On the other, gales of wind and acrs of lightning shot out, destroying the surrounding forests around it.

Fuyuko and Haruki jumped out of the mist. Their hands blurred, performing yet another jutsu to try and kill each other with.

"Water Style: Super Water Shark Bomb Jutsu!"

"Fire Style: Great Fire Annihilation!"

The both of their faces were contorted with hateful glares. They unleashed their jutsus on another, creating yet another a large cloud of steam.

Fuyuko landed in it and closed her eyes. Haruki circled around her, spitting out jeers at his former girlfriend.

"How could I have loved thrash like you?! You're nothing but a meek flower who always needed someone to hold her hand to guide them!"

The medic-nin sneered as she spun around, blocking Haruki's strike and replied in kind.

"At least I don't rely on cheap tricks to get me around!"

Haruki's eyes flashed into the Eternal, his Susanoo shrouding around him and holding out its weapon. The Uchiha glared at his opponent and roared, his chakra construct throwing the spear right at the bluenette.


Mangetsu clicked his *nooyance, as he drove his blade in another shadow clone of Aimi. He grunted and kept on dispelling each clone that seemed to multiply as he killed one. Having enough, his arm crackled with lightning and he brought it down to the ground, spreading it around him.

"Chidori Stream!"

The lightning convulsed and arched around him, piercing through each blonde and dispelled them all. Well, barring one.

Aimi sneered and charged at her former boyfriend, a Giant Sage Rasengan in hand. Mangetsu charged back, letting loose a bloodcurling scream.

"This'll be your grave, you b*tch!"

"You'll pay, you f*cking b@stard!"

The two clashed and brought forth yet another powerful, yet crushing combination, sending them both flying.

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  • Tiami On 2018-10-26 18:24:07
  • I don't know, I would rather read whole thing, previews leave me hanging, hmm...

    One thing that throws me off: "No one knew who or how it all started".

    No. Give it some sense. Give reasons why. No excuses like this just for the sake of bloody fights.

Don't worry, I just got blocked by my entrance exam, so a preview is all I could do right now.

And as for the second part, I've yet to think of a reason why they did that, so :/

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