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[ Group ] S1085 Akatsuki Recruiting


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Welcome to S1085 Akatsuki recruitment thread.

We aim to be a strong group of active players having fun together playing the game.

We have three major rules:

1. Activity: For people that are often inactive/offline for a longer period of time, they qualify for group removal. If you can't avoid being offline for more than a day you need to inform me. Otherwise you qualify for removal which may occur.

2. Contribution: A group is only as strong as it's weakest member. Making a maximum contribution in coins to the group every day is a no.1 priority!

3. Participate in the GNW every WED and SAT at 19:30h(07:30pm) server time.

Not respecting any of the rules noted above may result in your removal from the group, with prior warnings given. Respecting them will lead to many rewards and any

help you need from your fellow group mates. Quid Pro Quo.

These are rules that all members, from newcomers to leader have to abide to, and are not only the most beneficial thing for the group, but also for each individual member

as well.

Contact info: You can contact OathKeeper in the game via PM or private chat if online.

You c*so reply to this thread or find us on discord:


Thank you for considering our group for your go-to place when playing Naruto Online ;).



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its beautiful i like it btw its trunks from your group

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Lol, i have maxed my donation today and i've been kicked out of this group
Nice work, guys

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I am confident that such a thing did not occur Rupit, but if it did why am I not getting a response from you: Untitled1

Even though i know your comment is just slander I still didn't want to reply here challenging the truth behind your words without talking to you first. There is always a possibility that a mistake was made since nobody is perfect, or that there was some bug i was not aware of that made the contribution list( though only for you ) not update.

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in lock

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