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[ Suggestions ] No Sound At Game Launch ♥♥♥ ♪ ♫ ♫


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No Sound At Game Launch Can It Be Done!!

I totaly hate the sounds in this game. Like if I play with phone, music and sounds in this game are annoying..

Sure the sounds are nice when u start the game, but after 1,5y of daily play, I dont want them at all!! make them STOP!!!

I want to listen my music while i play... Ok sounds can be disaple fast.. but I want a way that u Need to turn them on ..rather then turn them off...

Can we get option, No Sounds at launch!!

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Need a bit of movement but you can mute your PC/laptop before starting the game.

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3# want oasis to change the entire audio system...because you can't be bothered to mute your own device. right. good luck with that.

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