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[ Bugs ] [Group] 3-day activity rate not increasing


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Our group has been stuck at 177 3-day activity rate for the past 2 days, because of this, we missed out on the registration for Great Ninja War and could thus not participate. The activity rate refuses to increase even though we do our daily missions.

IGN: Jackal

Server: S1053 Five Hungry Sharks Jutsu [EU]

Group: KamikazeInc

Naruto Activity stuff

Naruto acitivty rate

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  • Tiami On 2018-10-25 19:16:04
  • To get enough points for GNW registration you need 12 players to get all the 6 activity points for 3 days. From the looks you are 2 people short for this- I suggest making sure you have enough active players or creating some alt account to rise it up.

That's the thing, I made two alts and my leader made one alt. We both raised them up to level 16, joined the group and then did their dailies up to level 21 or above. The 3-day activity rate didn't increase at all, we were still stuck at 177 which we've been on for the past 2 days. We're actually 13 active people in our group and we have a total of 4 extra alt accounts. So that should be enough to register for GNW. Last week we registered and that was without these alts we made.

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