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I'm curious about your opinion.

Would you rather focus on a ninja you like, knowing it's not the best OR Would you rather focus on a ninja which is known being top dmg dealer ninja, yet you dislike him. You only use him because he is strong?.

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Would you rather eat the food you like knowing it is not really good for you, or you would rather eat the healthy food that you yourself consider disgusting?

But, are you doing it for fun or for what reason?

Hope you find your answer :P

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For my main account, I prefer the former. For my other account, the latter. In other words, if I have the resources to collect a ninja, then definitely I would catch 'em all.

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focus on a ninja i like. this is a game, and i want to play it to be happy. if im going to be miserable with a ninja im using, that defeats my purpose of playing this game.

this isnt a life-or-death impactful decision like choosing what to eat. my body isnt going to care about the "nutritional value" of a ninja, it's just going to care whether im happy or not.

but sometimes strong ninjas = ninjas i like, so it isnt really a difficult choice anyway.

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I just try to get as many ninjas as possible. So glad Tenten Cheongsam was in Fateful Choice that 1 time, managed to recruit her ;)

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Ninja I like, all the way.

I'm gonna max out Dosu. Who cares about the meta?

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Thanks for the answers! :D

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In my opinion, if it's strong I automatically like it. Also, I'd focus way more on a strong ninja that I dislike than on a weak one that's based on a character I like.

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Focus on the strong ninja, because.. well winning is fun, winning with style is even more fun.

however maybe if you put it this way.. between a few strong metas,

i would go for the meta i enjoy using which could depend on a set of factors, and even situations.

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I don't quite see the point of playing a game if I can't enjoy some parts of it.

I'd have to go for the ninja I like, even if they have good damage, I'd like to have a good time using my team.

Besides, I prefer control over damage.

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