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[ Lineup ] Minato [Edo Tensei] Lineups


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Hey guys!

So one of coolest looking ninjas is in the game, but the question is whether he is a good ninja?



Mystery: So this is both one of his best and one of his worst traits, the mystery itself is great as it's un-dodgeable + interrupt for 10 units, so it's like you are using Hokage Minato+ Kakashi Susano BUT the cooldown is 3 rounds and he doesn't have any passive/standard attack that can reduce his cooldown

Standard Attack: Pretty much same as Hokage Minato, decent

Chase: Same as Jonin Minato, this is an amazing chase as it gives good scaling over time and also it's not hard to fit it into teams

Passive 1: I believe this is the best passive of this kind in the game , 3 in 1 passive immunity + igntion + tag on hit, pretty crazy

Passive 2: Dodge is always nice although honestly it could've been something more useful, because he already has that crazy passive 1 he doesn't need the dodge nearly as much as jonin and hokage minato need it

Keep in mind that he is one of the most buff-able ninjas currently, he has kage + konoha + edo + jinchuriki + sage tags, so that's a big plus

Overall, the biggest downsides of this ninja are his 3 rounds cooldown on mystery and most likely low damage capability when compared to other pos1 ninjas.

You could use him as pos2 in some teams, but he doesn't have any kind of supporting passives therefore he is mostly a pos1 material ninja.

Now is he better than other Minatos ? well that's debate-able and you can judge that for yourselves , he for sure is different

About Main Characters in my opinion he works the best with Wind Main definitely (dance of impetus), 2nd best Water/Fire Main

1. Wind Main "the full buff Minato team"



Self explanatory, this is a full buff team and has quite decent potential (well unless someone can nuke you thru blitz teams)

But keep in mind that even with full buff Edo Minato mystery damage is not so impressive when compared to Hokage or Jonin Minato

2. Wind Main 2 "the full Sage team"



Edo Hashirama sage heals can be pretty high, overall the team is squishy if you run into blitzy enemies such as Edo Hiruzen but in places where you would have fights over 2 rounds such as Space Time this time would last a long time

The team has great immobile/interrupt + chakra drain capabilities for every single round

3. Wind Main 3



Ah what's better than the interrupt + chakra drain old combo with Shark Kisame, well of course you have to own the pos1 initiative for it to work in the way intended

4. Water Main "the jinchuriki Minato team"



I thought this one is interesting to try out if you want to be a bit more on the "cancer" side

5. Water Main 2



This one is self explanatory :p

Also a lot of interrupt + chakra drain and immobile combo, now this one is against buffs and shields, as 5 kage madara would wipe them anyway therefore it's best to use Water Main in that kind of situation

6. Earth Main "the full buff team"



Same concept as the very 1st Wind Main team, it's a full buff team with 2x attacks in round 1 for both Minato and Edo Hiruzen, also great chances of doing Edo Hiruzen mystery in round 1 also

The team will have a lot of damage however can get easily countered by 5 kage Madara for example

That's all for now, hope you guys enjoyed it and found it helpful !

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nicee I totally forgot about Edo Tobirama, that's a great one especially with Edo Tobirama barrier bond skill

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