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[ PVP ] Training grounds ranking rewards


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Hi. Do you know if there are any ranking rewards in training grounds? All the rewards I noticed came from defeating guardians with the keys i got- sun coins, some elemental scrolls and regular coins were the things I got. Is it all that event offers? Just asking if it's even worth to fight for ranking, since Im at sun coins cap anyway even without this event

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It's probably a little less important for higher BP players as you mentioned you c*ready max out the sun coins but it's a pretty nice event for newer and lower BP players who will be having a tougher time in matsuri and sage stuff so this event should be helping them out is what I believe

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I finally reached the cap because of this event, so I'm satisfied. They said you get extra stuff from being at the top of the ranking, but idk.

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So far I know you can get bond scrolls as an additional reward

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I believe the rewards only offered Bond scrolls, Limited Sun scroll and coins, that's it. No rewards for top ranking like sage. That what I believe in. Anyone else?

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i eanred 1.2k sunscrolls i guess thats ok but if you want to see rewards look after battle over Note: attacking ppl wont give you rewards but give you keys to open chest for a reward aka sun scrolls

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Got a title. And a Gold Key to start for the next training grounds (top 3 placment).

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