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I was just kind thinking of posting this experience of mine in this game from the start till now.

Still remember back in the days in 3.0 things were really different... effort back then meant a lot.If you played and gave into this game a lot of time you would be rewarded by having at least equal or some times even much better from your average "low-spender" nowadays.Ofc in every version of game skilled low-spenders/ and whatever high-spenders will remain whales that are always fattening themselves that i sometime find it like they are people who have gonne crazy , coz like cmon who would spend so much in a game unless you want to do youtube or whatever somekind of reputation , honor , pride you wanna win ...still anyways its eveyones choice where they spend their money. Once again going back into the main thema ...things today have changed too much that you sure dont want to even dream about effort making you strong than others in this game.3.0 and 4.0 things were at average ... but 5.0 is the downfall of everything. With new ninjas oasis each time bringing 20 k , 30k and myb later even more recharge rebates makes people stronger and stronger with that much that someone who basically was a "pebble in the road" tomorrow can surpass you in power without any effort or whatsoever!I had a similar experience in my server where couple of guys started game from 0 at the 8th month of my server and now they are 40 k higher in power that i went to obtain through 10 months.So basically what i wanted to say is that this game is ridicilous nowadays giving players who pay easy power through recharging/spending events where everyone can surpass you in no time, and when you reach at this point you shouldnt even bother your mind with this game... TRY TO ENJOY IT THROUGH COLLECTING and HAVE FUN :) thats the only answer i can give to f2p gaming.... thank you for your attention :D

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Are you quitting the game?

If so, Goodluck on your future endeavors and dont forget to have fun.

There is still hope since i've been playing this game for last 4 months and with almost the 10k coupons saved up i got speed of light clothing, shisui and J. Minato even though im 100% f2p yes i still lack in power as whales have like 90-100k power while most f2p are 50-60k power but still its so much bettet when you play this game for fun after all thats what games are for having fun. Anyways sadly im quitting the game too its not because of the spenders or spender exclusive items its because i had my fair share of fun with this game and i've yet to do so much more, follow my dreams and passion and most of all finding closure.

I wish you all the Best of Luck.

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hehe sayonara lol

as someone who's been around since like maybe winter or spring 2017 well gotta say it's been a rough ride

but ive given up on seriously competing with anyone

its a game, find the parts that make you happy and make you have fun, and st1ck with that. lol

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I been playing since Feb of 2017 during 2.0.

Mostly I just do my own thing, from this I find my own enjoyment, since Day 1 I had decided to just get as many ninjas as possible.

As I see it, I'll gain the power anyways, doesn't matter how long it takes, eventually it'll be capped. Now I'm at 118k.

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I play this game because of the anime. I don't bother competing with spenders. You can never win against them :D. Games like this have always been "the deepest pockets/biggest bank always wins"

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