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Shisui anbu itachi and jonin minato have ruined arena


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if they're such lame characters, why do you need help to beat them? XD

madara 5kage is good support for facing shisui teams cos he removes the root buff. water main shark bomb is an ez win (if u have the higher init), as is an agk team.

i think habenero kushina is also an option, as are ninjas that do double standards (fire main clone allowing him to do a second standard, pakura helping minato get a second standard so that he triggers his combo, wind main clones that proc an immobile chase etc)

your chances of winning decrease drastically if you lose ini to a minato team btw

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  • Exvius On 2018-10-17 17:47:02
  • The Han, Roshi, Sakura, Water main cancer team will work too. Han blocks an attack per round so no cd reduction for Jonin Minato.


han is a complete pain in the a'ss to face. take if from someone who mains with JM. but you have to place han in front of JM so that JM's standard goes to han.

actually any dodge ninjas in front of JM is super annoying. in such a case I always try to kill the dodge ninja before going after supports.

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  • selyl On 2018-10-17 13:32:44
  • Shark bomb? fools? madara 5k? why not bring whole team of six path to fight shisui? loool

    50k coupon team to beat 16k coupon team ? That sounds right.

    when madara founder comes in, oops, shark bomb doesn't work. Enough said.

how does shark bomb not work against madara founder? madara is tai immune not nin immune...?

also why would you bring a 50k coupons team when a 0 coupon team works just fine lol. coupons don't measure the usefulness of a ninja. take it from kakashi susanoo.

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