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[ PVP ] shisui 1 vs. 2, AG k + EG k


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  • Lol why are there so many threads about Shisui in arena today?

    I understand your frustrations, but I think the problem is not with Shisui himself (Madara 5k and Shark bomb is even more of a cancer). The problem is that there are far too many Shisui teams in arena. Either way it is no use to complain as Oasis can't make changes as they please. All you can do is try to make a counter team or wait till last 10 days of the month where most Shisui teams would have already reached six paths.

Because he is the best character in the game. He has some of if not the best attributes for buffing. The best barrier unit, 2 turn chaos while removing debuffs. chases his own high chance standard and applies tag for some reason. Has access to root and iruka buffs. Can play support for teams in which he isnt pos 1. People say Sharkbomb + whatever is more cancer., but that is 2 character slots you need for that. shisui is just the best on his own and its annoying to play aganist. and the dodge is just a big ole go * yourself. Literally the only downside is his low base hp. which is irrelevant since he dodges and has access to root.

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