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[ PVP ] shisui 1 vs. 2, AG k + EG k


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The same shisui loses 100% of the times against agk + kurenai.

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  • selyl On 2018-10-16 23:42:42
  • 1st round : shisui dodge agk's standard attack. But gets hit by mystery of earth grudge kakuzu egk. And also gets hit by egk's standard attack. shisui attacks with standard attack.

    2nd round : agk mystery lands on shisui but standard attack dodged by shisui. shisui uses mystery on egk. shisui attacks.

    3rd round : shisui dodges agk standard attack , agk n egk gets hit by shisui. egk in coma, cant heal.

    do I need to go on? agk will die first by ignite. egk will forever be in coma by shisui koto. 3 rd cd, 2 rd chaos

    I can make 2 main fighting by themselves at bottom row without bothering the 3 of them. fire sleep vs. lightning calm mind.

If egk is 1st in slot is 100% defeat for shisui. Why do you take for granted that agk is first? And why you do not consider the 3rd ninja they use? And who is so mad to use fire main with immobile mystery with agk and egk? To not talk about the fact they usually go with earth, wind or water main and not fire...

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  • Pupsiiiii On 2018-10-17 00:41:50
  • AGK is very squishy for a position 1 ninja. Which is why most people play her with a main.

    But srsly, if you wanna conquer your shisui trauma, just replace EGK with Masked Man.

I use agk, hokage minato, kisame samehada, wind main lineup in arena with sand dust and *y harem jutsu. Never lost a single match against shisui teams that do not run also itachi susano'o (and is the latter that makes them win, not shisui, and only, most of the times, if they own move 1 initiative).

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  • Shryke On 2018-10-17 17:25:30
  • Uhm. Quick question: How about kakuzu pos 1? His mystery can easily interrupt shisui. Also having kakuzu pos 1 will make shisui dodge him, instead of konan, giving you a chance to chain immobile.

Yeah, is what i pointed out too.

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  • Exvius On 2018-10-17 17:57:10
  • Well their price tag does not necessarily mean they're good for a "1v2" fight. But why are you so fixated on Shisui vs Angel Konan + Earth Grudge Kakuzu though. Angel Konan + a common ninja like Ningendo will do the trick. Ningendo too OP


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  • selyl On 2018-10-17 17:47:08
  • So now you want to use 35k coupon fight 12k coupon but cannot win, now you also want to have higher initiative,

    Why not bring the whole six path team in about 90k cp, madara six path, Naruto six path ,sasuke six path , that will surely win.


Are you able to read what i wrote? I said that i win always but when shisui is paired with itachi susano'o, where i win the same if i own initiative, but not if i don't own it (itachi susano'o is worth way more than 35k...)

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  • selyl On 2018-10-17 18:58:57
  • How about 2 expensive ninjas. If 2 more expensive ninjas cannot win a single less expensive ninja isn't shocking , I think your brain isn't working. Also, next time I get the most expensive ninja like madara six path, and few other random ninjas, I see how you want to win me and the loser should pull down his pants.

    Also, does it matter who the 3rd or main? The point is the cost is way too high to lose to lower cost. Don't try to console yourself by saying what strategy game. They left shisui op for a reason which I already stated.

    I am not gonna waste time and answer your every single question when you only need to properly follow the answers that is already in this thread.

    I have used gakido or sakura whether wind main or h2o main, as long as you use AGK+EGK, you cannot beat shisui + anbu with common ROW.

    Next you gonna tell me madara 5k. Nice, now we have 35k coupon + 15k = 50k.

    Sometimes I think you people are...….bl, well if you cannot even see some bugs in the game, what can I expect?

As i said somewhere else itachi sb + kurenai sb + han and water main hard counter any shisui common team and is a FULL F2P lineup and with initiative advantage counters also the itachi susano'o, madara, shisui team if itachi is in front of madara (not 100% but a 60% of the times does it)

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  • SomeoneRandom On 2018-10-17 19:21:15
  • My point is that some ninja have counter, and if you are fighting a ninja who is counter to your team, you lose. You forget that Shisui is fire and AGK is wind. That's 20% damage more just because of their element.

    P.S. water main with AGK? I don't know if that will work... you know, no chakra generator unless you run a third ninja who has clones. No buff either. It is no surprise that your AGK can't do damage in first 2 rounds.

    Wind main... I guess you run clones? Shisui loves clones to reset mystery. Did you try using wind main with gakido, EGK, AGK, flower guard and reset mystery? That's 2 immune 3 debuff clearers...

Water main, tsunade sannin war sb/sakura summer, kisame samehada, agk works pretty good

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  • selyl On 2018-10-17 19:59:30

  • thanks for the info, I am already running that. So I have two promising Akatsuki only to lose to one single lower cost ninja , doesn't it just feel weird?

    I guess it's time for closure.

    The whole point is.....make the game better. This game have a lot of potential but 5.0 seems to ruin it. Especially with h2o shark every round. Comon guys, bomb should only make 2 chaos maximum out of 4 since there is still chase for another chaos, if not, really? Chakra absorption should also stay at 40. There should be some uncertainty in the game but what is there left.

    Lastly, maybe if they have made shisui 25k like sarutobi there would be less contend now..

Shisui actually was supposed to be a 16/20k coupons ninja worth and was supposed to appear way later in game as a counter to gnw treasure metas and immortal lineups, but here they released it at a lower price and available to everybody almost immediately after gnw treasure appeared (immediately letting people pairing him up with itachi anbu) because their goal (but is just my guessing, if i say otherwise they delete this) was to make arena too an horrible environment where to win you absolutely needed to buy at least two 18k ninjas. Infact they added itachi breaktroughs only not long ago (and look how long we had to wait for tsunade breaktroughs too) because enough people bought or gained kisame samehada and madara 5th kage summit was made available too.

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