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[ Lineup ] please help me make a lineup (any main)


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Is Sasuke skillbroken? You can do some cool things with Lighting Main, Ameyuri, Sasuke and one support character like Kurenai or something. Otherwise you c*e a team involving Anbu Itachi + Sasuke. Those two go well together ^^

You don't have any expensive real meta ninjas like Madara [Five Kage Summit] so I will try to work with what you have.

Paralyse team:

With this team you c*e Lighting Main's mystery in 2nd round to paralyse the entire enemy's team (and cause immoble to the selected unit thanks to Ameyuri'S chase) and then strike with Ameyuri's mystery to immoble a 3 paralysed units.

Paralyse team - lm-Kurenai-Sasuke-Ameyuri

If you skillbreak Sasuke and change his chases you might have to readjust the chases of Lighting Main. You c*so skillbreak Kurenai to make this team stronger.

I advise the Anbu Special Assault Tactics for leech in PvP but you c*so replace Kurenai with Guy for more leech or use Lighting Style Enhancement if you don't feel using leech. That will increase you offense but you won't have any sustain except for Kurenai/Guy. In GNW of course always use Anbu Special Assault Tactics to support your teammates.

Pakkun as your summon mystery is highly advised to counter dodge teams or teams that have status reflections.

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i have skill berak sasuke and kurenai too

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