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[ Events ] Naruto’s Birthday Page is Open!


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Naruto’s Birthday Party


Party link:

October 10th is a normal day, but it is a most memorable day for the fans of Naruto. The story of Naruto begins with the invasion of Konoha by the nine tails. The life of Naruto Uzumaki begins on this day, and connecting with thousands of fans of Naruto.

"Naruto OL" is holding a grand birthday event for Naruto from October 10th to October 23rd. All fans of Naruto can join in the game to send birthday greetings to Naruto, earning them the chance to get a gift code that can be exchanged for great rewards! Let's join together in wishing a Happy Birthday to Naruto! Life must be busier after becoming the 7th Hokage but Naruto fans will always be with you, you will never be alone again!

The theme page is divided into three parts:

First activity: Nine-tails Sign-in

Players will follow the footsteps of the Nine-tails signing in each day, and gaining turnover chances with each sign in. Sign in times will be based on the player's log-in accounts server time, and if missed cannot be regained. In addition, we will give players extra turnover chances on the 7th and 14th, giving further chances at rewards.

At the same time, sharing to Facebook c*so get you a special package code.

The second activity: Finding Naruto

Players c*e their turnover chances gained through signing in each day to search for Naruto.

There are five Naruto cards, Ramen, Cakes and Candles in the card pool. Players can find three Naruto cards and get two gift pack codes. Players who find all the Naruto cards will get two more codes. Players c*e the gift codes to exchange for rewards in the game.

The third activity: Wish Wall

At present, the activity page is still grey, but it will open soon, so please look forward to it.

Players who leave a birthday message for Naruto on the wall will earn a gift code.

To the one who always chases his dreams, Naruto, happy birthday! You and your fans have grown together, and your ninja road will never be lonely again!

Naruto Support Team

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