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[ Bugs ] This Compensation but Its also bonus


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This what i scare about and try to post about this week compensation. As i expected they gvie same amount to every player when bug happen on some of player not all.

i wil show u my 2 account that i play everyday after i show explanation about why write the title like that.

Bonus :

A sum of money added to a person's wages as a reward for good performance.

‘big Christmas bonuses’


Something, typically money, awarded to someone in recognition of loss, suffering, or injury.

‘he is seeking compensation for injuries suffered at work’

As i told before i played account and from there i can see not all account bugged. Since one of my account can finish sakura mission.

For my account that i can finish sakura event there i call this thing they call compensation bonus since i can get my sakura food pack and get EXTRA => but weridly i didnt do extra work. But for my other account the compensation they give really became compensation because i incure loss there i cant finish sakura event

This Proffing Picture

1. This show on my first account (Pride) didnt suffer from BUG

Error 2

2. This show my 2nd account (Arima) suffer from BUG

Error (2)

I hope DEV work on tracking this kind of event so u can really give compensation to the right ID. NOT LIKE THIS some get bonus when other get compensation. This make us with bug slower then other that didnt feel BUGGED.

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Compensation was an overall gift.

Not for specific individuals.

It's much harder to calculate total players that experienced the bug overall, thus we provided an overall experience that targets all players.

Hope you understand.

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