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Anti-water shark bomb


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There are only two real counters to the P1 Water Shark Bomb.

1) Ninjas with natural immunity like Roshi, Kurama Naruto, Hot Blood Kushina etc, paired with chakra generation/stealing in some form.

2) Simply having a faster position 1 with hard control (chaos/immobile) in the mystery or following chase.

Without either of these two criteria, you are limited to praying your team is not fully chaosed, and that you get lucky on controlling the P1 main

with combo chasing.

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  • 2xMachina On 2018-10-08 15:07:45
  • Well, even with faster pos 1 with control....

    Since she has gakido, she's immune, unless you got a shisui (buff clearer) move 1 or something.

    Seems like have to luck it out & hope we got the right build at that time?

    Man, water too OP, what were Tencent thinking when they made her myst?

If you think its OP now, I advise you don't look at the recent thread showing its 'breakthrough/experiment/upgrade'... Apparently CN thought it wasn't strong enough

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  • 2xMachina On 2018-10-08 18:40:28
  • BTW, anyone know why Gakido can make Water Main immune in R2, via myst in R1?

How it works, is by giving the Gakido buff to the Water Main after she has done her Standard Attack. It works like how Debuffs can last a little longer by doing the same.

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