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[ Events ] So let me get this right.


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Now, Lets have a little talk here. So, We all know about this Sakura Bug, you know, the one where its bugged out that you cant complete it. Well so It never happened to me, and i had no idea that if you didn't do your previous days request, it stays, now I see why theres a bigger issue. Well, This issue I know of was here last month, and possibly months prior, and you's have not been able to fix it. BUUUUUUT, heres the BIG problem a lot of us seem to not be pointing out. They cant fix a bug thats been known of and reports AT LEAST a month, BUT, they can within hours, take an item out of an event, and lie about a pricing of an item, and change it. Man, Oasis has dont some shady, and messed up stuff, but this ranks up t here I think. And we deserve more than compensation at this point. This is just BS. I also welcome the mods to delete this. I will keep posting until you's mute me. And when you mute me, I will create accounts to post until we get answers and/or results.


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