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Sakura Event Compensation


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Anyone know how this sakura event compensation work ?

Will that be as unfair as before. The unfiar thing i notice here is like this. That bug only work on some account and other stil can do sakura just fine.

Then when they compansate us they give same number to every player then. The one got bugged sure lost some number of foodsack when other not but they stil got same number of compansation .

I had 2 account both got bug on 1st day, and 2nd day, now on the 3rd days of event one of my account can finish the firtdaty error mission. But my 2nd account still bugged.


My account screenshot :ErrorError 2

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i got same problem. yesterday, i couldn't get the food,

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Hi! Sorry for the trouble regarding Sakura's Gift missions. We are aware of the system error message when trying to claim/accept missions. We will be sending compensation for this issue on October 9th or 10th.


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