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[ News ] Official Statement - Bugs and Problems October 4th


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The best compensation for this is Sakura's Foodsack definitely!

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10 seals, 10 adv refines, 300 cps and prolly 50 keys.

My server is LA BTW.

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a decent amount of food packs is probably the best course of action, say 30-50 range

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There are a lot of people in my server that have been affected by these events because many login at a later time because of work,school,etc. Many have asked me to consult you guys about "unfair" compensation for HK compared to regions like LA or NY -HK region

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advanced refine ment and lot of food packs

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Some food packs becasue than u can redeem what u want (advanced refines ,charms ,purifys, outfit frags or get some ninja frags)

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Region: NY

50 sakura food sacks would be acceptable.

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  • Izuki Kudo On 2018-10-04 21:40:18
  • 10 seal scrolls, 10 charms, 100 advance refine runes, 100 cave keys.. is this too much?

    - this is my opinion tho

poeple got shisui for 6k and madara for 9k so im on lost 15k now when im buying,so with less then 4-5k coupons compesation you guys will fail,since its nto fair i pay 18k now for ninja that was 9 k in morning and all this comments are * do math guys pls...

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10 million coins :)

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Honestly, it's disappointing. I get all excited planning the events, only to be crushed.

Just give us some coins. We beggars can't be chooser.

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I would really like to have kakashi susanoo frags in the sakura gift event for around 12.000 coupon/80 frags. it's a pretty nice compensation imo

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Region : hk

30k adv refine .

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1-2 weeks ago i buy madara5kage with 19k cp/ingots and now to see ppls buy same hero with 9k ... i feel so bad (unfair) .. i wait that day when Ay 4th will be 100 cp or less for 1 frag . TY

(edit and add this-> PS .: ppl who already buy shisui / madara still claim for free compensation unfair

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Lots of people already took advantage of buying cheap 5 kage madaras and shisuis (and maybe other items too)

so that means lots of people have 9-10k coupons advantage just because of this mistake.

Bigger the mess, bigger compensation that should be i think, and you **** up big on this, so giving some 50 refine-charm-keys etc can't be problem after that :)

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Kinda annoyed was told that it wasnt a bug then when i got up this morning about 2 hours after server reset and logged in there was no pack. Looked on discord and it seems to have actually been a bug. However, it is noted that a lot of people took advantage of the exploit and got 5 star sasuke and sakura this morning before it was changed. Them being common ninjas in use gives an unfair advantage to the people that took advantage. Id like to know about this redeem limit on the sasuke/sakura situation cause if u can only get 1 redeem i feel that it wouldnt be fair to those that ideally wanted to get at least each of the ninjas in this event.

NY server1

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Any compensation is meaningless because the people who benefited from the faulty update going live will also receive the compensation. Just write off the whole thing and try to be a little more professional next time. You should have either caught the error which people knew about hours in advance or else just left it alone. Causing mass outrage to maybe make a few $$ in the future off people buying those ninjas for somewhat higher prices is a poorly thought-out strategy. The only way to really fix the issue is return the prices and items for the rest of the week and give everyone a chance to benefit from them.

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I saw that you guys are giving LA and other regions more compensation rewards than HK but I believe this is false since I came home and read about the underpriced madara etc and many others from my server so please reconsider HK compensation- S561 HK

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Check, double check and triple check before going live with events. This isn't the first screw up (and I fear it won't be the last). That would also avoid having to deal with later compensation because of some dumb error.

So you ask what should suffice as compensation for Sakura's event bugged mission. Last time I checked, 35 plain food packs were given. Why (doing the same mistake and) asking for a different compensation this time? Doesn't sound fair to me.

Sakura/Sasuke frags got the spotlight, but what about Madara-Shisui-Deidara-Kakuzu recruited for half the price? That's one game-changing error you're not considering at all. It should deserve a statement on its own.

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considering that Ninja pouch will return. The base line should be 35 Sakura foodsacks and then 5 additional Foodsack per hour that didnt get access to the event. Otherwise just reuturning the foodsacks to 10 is the fairest option. I would also like to say that the reason they increased it was because people didn't like the cheap prices and I have to say that these people are inconsiderate and self centered.

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