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Sailor Sakura/Sasuke Pack


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Wow. You guys really deleted the thread. No freedom of speech here. We jst would like to ask your side why you took down that pack when events go live many hours ago? Please we need statement from Mods. This is clearly a robbery. DO you really have the right to take down that "pack" if its bugged, and u claimed it to be an "intended gift"?

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yey.....! go

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this is what happens when a game is outsourced to a bunch of petty morons

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they answer u just wait u get ban in forum :D

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This forum needs to have ethical principles and professionalism. Just answer the topic. WE ARE THE COMMUNITY. YOU ARE THE MODS/DEVS. WE NEED TO INTERACT. SO kindly answer and dont silence this thread.

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Ninja Puches 1

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This post was last edited by Pupsiiiii on 2018-10-04 19:03:10.
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It just shows how unprofessional Oasis is as a company. Blizzard, Riot Games, Valve, etc would ALL have an immediate announcement regarding the sakura/sasuke packs. Oasis is silent and deleting posts that are complaining about it.

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I am a lawyer by profession. Im not ashamed i play this game. Im not afraid to get banned. Its their loose. But right now, this phenomena is clearly a robbery. ANd i speak in behalf of those who are offended by this shameful happening.

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compensation pls

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Well, I certainly won't find out Oasis's intentions unless they explain.

But... if I guess correctly, they intended to give 1 pack of 80 frags free? and didn't realized their blunder until...

People start 5 starring them in one shot, even had breakthrough reserves.

They took it off, but actually.. IMO the least Oasis can do is make 1 pack still available for those late comers.

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  • Pupsiiiii On 2018-10-04 19:02:21
  • .

It clearly was a bug, sure. But why do the players have to pay for oasis's mistake? Some players already have the ninja 5 stars while others didn't get a chance to get one pack!!

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Because the officals said it would stay in Pupsiiiiii. As you can see in the previous posts... Both the forum mods and Tobei said that "it's not a bug"; "consider it a gift"

They should have just left it. So what if everyone would have those 2 ninjas at 5 stars? thats a heck of a lot more fair than only some "lucky" people having it.

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plz i beg to you moderators bring that pack again

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  • OBlTO UCHIHA On 2018-10-04 19:05:36
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Ok. So I ask the MOds not to delete this thread. We will wait for the Mods/Devs standing on this. This is a serious happening. I mean, Oasis SHOULD NOT just take down events once they go live UNLESS they are clearly BUGS. OK. Patience....

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Hello. We are with you on this one but please use the support section. Your threads are deleted not because of the content but because it's in the wrong section. If the Move function was working, we could've just moved it ourselves. I know this is too much to ask but please be patient and for now, please post your concerns in the support section. Rest assured all plausible suggestions will be forwarded.

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