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[ Help ] How do you even finish this?


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Hello guys. Anyone know how to complete this? Clicking on the "Let's training together" gives an error saying Error in fight request. I tried fighting someone with Sasuke, fought with Sasuke in my lineup, clicked the link with Sasuke in my lineup, visited all parts of Konoha, visited Orochimaru's base, the hidden base in the land of Fire map but could not find Sasuke. Thanks.


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Same problem

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same here

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Saaaaame. First, them going back on their word, now this. Crap, I lost one day because of this.

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There is a bug with the Sakura's gift as of now.

@affected, please take a screenshot of the error and send it to Customer Service.

Additionally, please make sure your screenshot includes the following:

-your character information (IGN)

-server information (server ID and server time)


Rest assured you will be compensated accordingly.

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