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[ PVP ] Zenith Arena Main Tier List


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Umm you are giving FAR too little credit to lightning main. RoW is not garbage because you don't need kushi whatsoever to have a ridiculous lightning team. All you need is ninja with swords, thats it. Kinkaku/Ginkaku, Darui, etc etc. Plus you aren't accounting for Anbu Special Tactics either, that leech is ridiculous in there. When you pair this all with cc chases and accupuncture myst.

1.Wind Main

2.Lightning Main

3./4. Water Main/Fire Main (interchangable imo)


5.Earth Main

If you are wind/lightning fighting earth your chances of winning automatically increase to 2 or 3:1

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  • SSirus On 2018-09-29 02:52:20
  • + 1 on clones, annoying af, but Earth main I think is slightly better than Fire Main (I personally use fire main)

Definitely not, Earth is the worst by a considerable margin. All you have to do is ignite everything and bring koh and you will wear them down inside 3 rounds. Pair that with CC chase and its not hard to win at all. You are however right about the clones, they are WAY too op here.

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