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[ PVP ] Zenith Arena Main Tier List


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*NOTE* This is my opinion, doesn't mean its true, feel free to argue any points I've made.

1. Wind Main - Probably the best main in Zenith Arena. Wind clones are insanely strong, as they take at least 2-3 standards. Along with Monkey King summon mystery, I believe that the clones are enough make wind main the best main in Zenith Arena. She also has really strong mysteries. Giant Rasengan can force a control every turn, and Dance of Impeteus can reset your main's mysteries as well as CLEANSE. Her passives, flower guard, and shadow clone jutsu are also really strong. Wind Main along with her insanely strong kit and clones puts her comfortably at the top spot.

2. Water Main- Water Main is definitely the most popular main in Zenith Arena right now. She works really well as both a support ninja and a carry, and is probably the best main other than Wind. Cleanse is probably one of the most of strongest things in zenith, this makes her heal really strong. As for her passives, poison tai is one of the best passives in the game as it adds on an insane amount of damage. In addition, neurotoxin allows water main to fill for control if your team lacks ninjas that can immobilize/chaos. If you've played Zenith, you've probably noticed how hard it is to get your worst team to win. Sharkbomb+ Experimental nin is what puts Water Main at the top. Due to the full chakra drain as well as guarenteed control to a target, no matter what * 3rd team you are running, you have a solid chance of winning.

3. Fire main - The fact that fire main's mirror counters water main, the most popular main, puts him at 3rd. His shield mystery removes all debuffs and provides a decent shield. It counters poison tai and gives you a decent chance of winning even if you don't have initative advantage. Mirror also counters water main as it deflects the guarenteed control from water main's chakra dissection blade. Since his mysteries and passives are so flexible, Fire Main sits way ahead of Lm and Em as the 3rd best ninja.


4. Lightning Main - If you climbed to six paths, you've definitely encounterd a lot of LMs. In arena, LM is very strong due to the ninjas such as kushi or shisui having good scaling as well as CC immunity from Root of Warrior. However, RoW is * in Zenith. Due to Kushimaru being expensive and his supports edo sasori and jinpachi being expensive, Kushimaru is unviable in Zenith. In addition, shisui isn't in zenith, or at least nobody that I know has seen him. This leaves a very poor ninja pool for RoW, with only ninjas such as mifune, sasuke, and kimi left for RoW. In addition, anbu tactics isn't as good since the amount of damage inflicted is a lot less in arena. The only reason why I put him ahead of EM is due to his mysteries. LM has some decent mysteries such as Chidori Blade, or Lightning slash which barely puts him on top of EM. Unlike the top 3, his passives aren't flexible with the different ninjas and struggles in utility, therefore I put him in 4th.

5. Earth Main - In arena, his shield scaling is very poor. This takes a huge hit on his mysteries, standard, and passives as most of them are shield based. However, since his passives are more universal, I believe that he is very close to LM. The only thing good about his kit right now is probably his super lightened boulder, but even that is not as strong due to katsuya not having cleanse.


This was made on the 20 point Zenith day, my opinion for 20 points day stays the same for the mains, however its different for the days with more points. I still think Earth is at the bottom by a large margin, but on days with more points I would put LM as the 3rd best.

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  • Scarlettblue On 2018-09-28 17:22:29
  • Imho you are largely undervalue earth main. Earth main with 2 females and 1 male works perfectly fine due to the passive that gives immunity he got with 5.0 (you consider op breeze dancer for flower guard and earth main with guidance that do the same thing but with males no?) and who said you have to use boulder jutsu? Chakra wall and the knockdown mysteries in zenith work way better in many situations (with the random teams you can make and find).

    You said yourself that most of his good things are shield based. If is so, then, just use the mysteries that give you shields when you want and ninjas, if available, that selfshield or that grant shields (like utakata, gakido, kurenai, omoi, toroi etc...).

    A team, for example, like earth main + utakata, if you are able to make proc the 20 chase, in zenith, due to how the enemy teams can be made, may be very op.

    P.S. Monkey king works also with earth main and earth main clone casts immobile...

The problem with shields is that although it’s his best thing, it’s scaling is really bad in arena. Breeze dancer flower guard is a perk, but the thing that puts her above all is her abundance of clones. In addition, immunity for wind main is much more important than that for earth main as her mystery and standard is much better. As a main he still has his uses, but not on the same level as fire water or wind which is why he is at the bottom.

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  • JushinUchiha On 2018-10-03 06:28:22
  • Umm you are giving FAR too little credit to lightning main. RoW is not garbage because you don't need kushi whatsoever to have a ridiculous lightning team. All you need is ninja with swords, thats it. Kinkaku/Ginkaku, Darui, etc etc. Plus you aren't accounting for Anbu Special Tactics either, that leech is ridiculous in there. When you pair this all with cc chases and accupuncture myst.

    1.Wind Main

    2.Lightning Main

    3./4. Water Main/Fire Main (interchangable imo)


    5.Earth Main

    If you are wind/lightning fighting earth your chances of winning automatically increase to 2 or 3:1

This was made on the 20 point day where the ninja selection is very poor. However, on the days with more points and better ninjas, I think that lm can definitely compete with wind and water.

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