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Zenith is all about RNG


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The first deciding factor in this mode is your main. Earth beats Water, Water beats lighting etc. since the Hp is so low the elemental leverage can be felt really hard. Dmg overtime effects like poison is really not effective since it doesnt give much dmg, Ignition on the other hand does a huge dmg. Ninjas doing thier full combos is also rng, my previous fights I always manage to win the first 2 fights consecutively but after that its a consecutive lose because the rng god decided to favour the opponent to have full combo standards, successful control at the right place and at the right time.

Immunity effects seems to have a upper hand. If you are lucky enough to get a blitz team its a free win.

In conclusion, assuming both parties know how to play the game, it all boils down to luck, what main you are facing, ninjas you drew and lastly if the RNG god favours you lol.

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As a game rng is really important, its what makes games fun and adds a lot on to the comeback factor. You can see this in games like hearthstone. However, other than crits and turn 1 advantage rng doesn't really play a factor in this game mode. Combo should come hand in hand with your turn 1's mystery, and the ninja pool is the same for both players. And for the main, I would say earth is unviable as of right now, with wind and water at the top. Sharkbomb+experimental nin and poison tai, puts you way ahead of earth main even with elemental leverage.

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If you always win the first 2 rounds, but lose the 3rd-5th, your team building might not be as good.

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