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[ Lineup ] Best Lightning Main or Fire Main Teams Please!!!


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So the lineup will have Kimimaro and Hinata on the front line. Sasuke and Midnight Blade will be on the back. Following will be the Lightning Main talents you should use for this lineup:

Chidori Blade – Shadow (Mystery)

Beam of Light (Standard Attack) 8 Ball Pool

Lightning Sword (Chase)

Lightning Enhancement (Passive) Google Hangouts

Root of Warrior (Passive)

Summon: Ninja Cat (Chase) Omegle

In this lineup, Kimimaro Attack and Mystery will get the highest hits and combo for the team. The skills of Midnight Blade will provide additional damage and great boost for the as well. Chidori Blade mystery will help to paralyze almost the entire team and will stop them from using any chase skills for that round.

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