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  • Uhm ... where does it say you can only get 1000 coupons? o.O I mean ... even if you lose once or twice, with 4 fights daily for 4 days ... you can easily gather all 8 points to get 1500, no? Because for loss you do not lose points. The picture included does not really say otherwise. Unless Oasis as always used copy paste from german naruto translator and failed the translations. What I'd like to know tho is ... what does it mean "lucky nin" and "complete" next Itachi and Tobirama/Oro ... might "complete" mean that they are fully skillbroken? Is there a quick way to see which ninja is? As you said ... you have very little time to make teams, So ... can't waste any.

From what I understand you can fight 8 fights total in the first 4 days. So if you lose one, you can't get 8 win reward anymore....

"Lucky nin" means they don't cost any points, "Complete" means fully skillbroken, yes.

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