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[ Help ] Jutsu priority in auto


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Hi all, I want to ask how to force main 40 chakra as priority in auto mode.

Here is the line up.


At round 2, Guy and Kakashi will cast their jutsu instead of the main 40 chakra jutsu.

I tried to move around the main char at ninja setup to do the usual jutsu priority setup, where the last ninja moved usually the one who will get priority to cast his jutsu.

but its not working.

anyone knows how to give the main 40chakra jutsu the priority?


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I believe that auto uses interrupt mysteries first (So Guy in this case), and then since there's only 20 chakra left, Kakashi will be activated. The only way to change it would to have either 60 chakra round 2 or take Guy out of your lineup

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Yes, Interrupt takes priority. Even if you could not interrupt (f.e. pos. 4 guy, vs pos. 1 prompt).

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interrupt or controll mystery will be first launched eg shisui, masked ma, guy, iruka, shurado, neji, ao etc

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the auto is tricky if u don't know how its works, its start from pos 4 to 1. then its checked if pos 4 to 1 there are a "prompt" mystery or not and cakra value. so its mean on round 2 if you have a 20 cakra mystery ninja or 40 that are a prompt mystery then your pos 1 and 2 will not used their mystery. and a barrier 1st round like no 2 priority while mystery like iruka/neji is no 1. so when u put 2 ninja with 1st round between sasuke barrier and iruka mystery 100% iruka will use his mystery 1st since its a prompt interrupt. while a prompt skill like hinata seem be less prioritized than a barrier type.

i do build a team base on this calculation and can leave auto on almost (PVE and some low PVP) every battle but there are some back draw about this trick is, it still use the lame AI to targeting. but yeah still better than a potato line up.

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Chakra cost is also used to determine who Auto will use first. I have a Position 1 J-Minato, and a Position 2 Shisui. When round 2 comes, Auto will choose Shisui over J-Minato, as while both provide a method of interrupt, Shisui costs 40/40, while J-Minato costs 20/40. This may seem good on paper, to make "full use" of all available chakra, but this does lead to bad mystery timings (Like if your Pos 1 is faster than the enemy Pos 1, but doesn't get selected, so your team suffers thier Pos 1's nuke first). Personally I wish Auto took Position into account over chakra cost, as clearly a Position 1 would be prefered over any later one.

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  • Pupsiiiii On 2018-09-27 13:24:50
  • Yes, Interrupt takes priority. Even if you could not interrupt (f.e. pos. 4 guy, vs pos. 1 prompt).

Because with enough initiative can actually interrupt (every 10k initiative advantage makes you move on in priority. In the sense that a 13k move 2 initiative actually comes before a 2k move 1 initiative, in the same way a 33k move 4 initiative goes before a 1500 move 1 initiative)

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Thanks for the reply.

I replaced Guy with itachi

and its still the same. both itachi and kakashi will take over from Main.

so I think here is the priority on auto

1. Interrupts

2. 20 + 20 chakra (if there are 2x20s)

3. 40 chakras

if there are equals. the last ninja moved in team console will be the priority.

or if I am wrong please someone tell me how to make main hit first on 2nd round.



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