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[ Lineup ] Kushina + Bee or Minato + Madara 5k


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So, currently I'm level 67 with 23k bp and I'm saving coupons to get some good event ninja. I have minato jonin already, but not even close to his bond mystery.

I do want to play with either Kushina Habanero or Minato Jonin Bond Mystery in my lineup, but I'm not sure which option would be better for me...

Those are 2 ideas I have for lineups (since I have Killer Bee, Minato Jonin, Tsunade Sannin + 80 frags and Edo Roshi isn't that expensive, they seem like the "easiest" options for me...)

Can you guys tell me which team would be better, and how I could improve them? Be it changing ninjas, talents or any other thing... I also considered getting AGK instead of madara 5k or kushina, but I'm not sure which team I could use with her (maybe AGK + WM + Gakido + Gaara Kage?), would an AGK team without akatsukis be better than those below? Thanks for the help!

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  • AnraiHamaya On 2018-09-25 17:05:57
  • I feel that the first team is stronger vs most of the current meta. You could change main to water and Tsunade to Kurenai (skillbroken). Poison tai will destroy most teams currently used. I don't like Edo Roshi, but I can see second team working (I would put Kushina in front of 2 ninjas though).

    With AGK people generally run: Kisame [Samehada Fusion Mode], Sasuke [Suit], skillbroken Gaara, Hokage Minato, auto barrier ninjas, sometimes Mangetsu (to give dodge to Kisame), sometimes Asuma [Wind Blade]. Some people run teams with two damage dealers (AGK + Edo Hiruzen/Edo Deidara), I've even seen one with three (AGK, Edo Hiruzen and Madara Uchiha) so there's a lot of options...

Ye, problem with AGK is this, you need some very particular ninjas to use her properly... About the Kushina team, which ninja could I use instead of Edo Roshi?

And about the first team, I considered going to water main and use poison tai, but Kurenai skillbroken is very far from being a reality yet =(

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