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[ Bugs ] Arena Missions BUG


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Platform (Browser -Chrome, Firefox etc / Mini client) : Chrome

Server number : S60
Character name : DieUchihaTobiDie
UID (Facebook account - you can find your UID on the bottom of the Facebook page, Oasis account - go to your profile page and click on your avatar) : 200000085684197

Description of the problem you are experiencing : "More completed missions will be added to the Arena on Sundays" (6) were not added this Sunday. Hope that you send back all moon scrolls missed (400x6=2400)

All weeks we had the 6 extra missions on Sunday, but no extra missions today.

Screenshot of the error page :

bug2 bug1

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Now, they have been added to Arena, at 8:00 server time, with a 2 hours delay, don´t know if someone touched something but at least now its ok

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