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[ Suggestions ] Why The Need Of Censoring Pooling Opinion?


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1st of all, Why the need for deleting a thread about pooling / asking another players opinion about "misbehaviorvs game mechanic on general topic" which not even a suggestion btw for the game? suggestion came after its concluded not before its doing the pooling. why its seem its so taboo when its related about the game mechanic?

but whatever....

pointing a few thing again (typing the whole points again here) about the game mechanic vs misbehavior:

1. i think the above issue is not a nice treatment tho. people (me in this case) may came with a negative perspective about oasis cause its seem too "taboo" to talked about.

2. Arena, there are 2 mode, training and ranked, we can understand if we are versus high bp for event on ranked in cross servers. but when people from old server with 150k++ bp sitting down waiting for preys in training mode(which is a term of bully), how its that justified for a new player from a new server with low bp? the cross server idea alone on arena is triggering people cause how unfair its. but people forced to since its a daily mission and events mission. i can say most people will not do this feature if they are not forced to. this is a bad experiences. RIP. 9 out 10 most of the times u are matching with people with super higher BP than ur.

3. Decisive Bonds, same as the point above, RIP after its added in to the game, no one touch this. well at least if u are not top 1%.

4. Sage, same as points above, when its cross server, most of low powers just quit doing this, or just being sand bag on sage. the problem is the gap too high, not even on same bracket. cross server fine, but at least with same BP, same as point no 2 and 3.

5. Convoy And Plunder, this feature making u the friendly guy having a tons of enemies IRL and in game, its not even justified even if u r a f2p or p2w, why? as p2w u being casted toxic's by people that bullied by u. which at some point u will willing do lock em down since u can claim they are "toxic" as ur justified. while if u as f2p with low bp on new server, being bullied every single days, until u give up and quit or just try wont get bother with that bullying not until that stacks of rages exploded or just having a bad day. u hope there will be a new players added to ur server but no one will join to dead servers, the newest servers always appear brighter cause it keep u away from this horrible experiences but not for too long. so u end up being bullied every single day, month/s passing out, or worse year/s... maybe by the same the game mechanic its self teaching u to robbing people or bullying people(which are not nice anyway). and since ur self mostly get bullied too on arena, convoy or anything near as the unbalance "PVP" featured. u will pass this bad practice to other people unrelated to ur main issue,and people after u pass that bad habits to new server and so on and so forth.

so im asking ur opinion as a human being, is there a saint here (excluding the top 1% here, cause we all know why) that think this feature is still fair / super clean not even triggering people into rage mode or being toxic or being misbehavior?(to players, to do the pooling, not as suggestion to oasis)

my point is how do u expect ur game full with positive people with "fun" attribute and clean community when u (oasis) teaching people will get reward (50 cpns) for being the bully each time, and punishing people that get bullied for being misbehavior?

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lol, i have to retype all over again since its not even allow me to reply.

1. yeah maybe.

2. i didn't recall past 2 hot topic events giving u hirudora guy and full skill broken lee,since a couple month born server wont even bother to make lee 4 stars. except if u having 150k bp and play that long. so explain that in arena vs a 40k bp. and yes they hit super hard, and i merely deal any dmg whatsoever to em. there are a better solution to this if the excuses are finding a match time. then make it like ranked or space vanilla all auto.then u wont have a long time timers but do it on ur bp bracket. and yes most of the time im vs red hot kuchina, jonin minato, full skill broken kurenai, roshi, curse hidan + 4th minato, maybe kushimaru a couple times. while we just like 3 months old server. only 1 player that have jonin minato on my server, a few not full skill broken kurenei's, no roshi, no han, no kushimaru. and the vast majority of the f2p in my server still running with potato vanilla ninjas like normal sasuke 4stars, or 4 stars orochimaru no skill broken yet. so that alone telling u something right? barely matching with vanilla ninjas on arena. maybe from a free trail ninjas for training, but nah... most of em just simply having those ninjas since its on that that free trial ninjas. and ranked are just simply out class a new servers.

3. or maybe the whole reasons reason people with low power or so so power didn't even bother since its outclassed and u lose 10 points each time u lose so why feed p2w or high power poeple, or by any mean its indirectly pushing people out from there,its not a friendly feature, and i think its super rare 50k bp from a new born servers, even the rank 1 on my server only 47k bp ist and the gap in top 20 players is heaven and earth. i only see 1 player with 5k bp lv 65 on matsuri tho and thats surely not a f2p.XD.

4.yeah i know what u mean. i think the one of the reason in-game people are quit or switching to new acc in newest server just because of this inbalance, with a hope in new server the gap are not that great or maybe just join the no 1 guild and have plenty body guards to avoid plunders and ez TI or GI or ez group pack from gnw. but for PVP its still the same.. its a terrible exp. i think by fixing this PVP mechanic in 1st place. people have less reasons to quit and start fresh on new server, and with that being said the old servers should gain more players since there are no new servers needed or added. by then when ur server full of people then no need for this cross server thingie except for some feature.because of what? because they don't have to forced in a gun fight with a knife or just compete with their bracket and grinding up to next brackets. i think the most competition spirit is on GNW, not by this lame features.why? rival does matter. with a healthy positive of course. whats the point to boost ur power with someone u didn't even know and maybe never even seeing again since how current PVP works(arena, matsuri, sage etc).

5. and again, u been bullied and u will bulling others not a healthy or a positive thing to do or to suggested on. i still think that feature teaching u a bad habbit plus its making enemies. or maybe we turn back the table when u get plunder u gain 50 cpns from ur plunder, then everybody play victim and want to be bullied, that also didnt teaching a good thing either. i think the simple solution to that remove the plunder and just ass 2x SS so everyone can do they own convoy and live happy ever after without making enemies.

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1. Most of the times they are pretty justified, though there are some exceptions admittedly.

2. Arena is fine as it is, also in arena you can only match with players within 10 levels of you, and there is 1 month of grace period for new servers. So with that being said, most players don't get very unbalanced matchups. Also it should be noted that BP other than 10% of your initiative doesn't transfer over to Arena so in most battles, battle power doesn't matter anyways. Also your "RIP. 9 out 10 most of the times u are matching with people with super higher BP than ur." Is false lol. I am a F2P and I can fight other players with much higher BP and win fairly consistently. Of course people with insane ninjas like Kurama Naruto may still beat me, but they deserve for saving up and getting them. Don't complain about losing, just do something about it, like get a meta ninja team (standard kushimaru blitz is great for ranked)

3. While yes current decisive bond kinda *s, they have tried to make it better. If you think about it, the main reason you get matched up with higher level players is because there are no willing lower level players who want to participate. If everyone decided to do Decisive bonds, then this problem wouldn't exist. Also again, your "no one touch this. well at least if u are not top 1%" isn't true again. Though it may take some time to get your battles in, it is most defiantly possible to win a few if you get your power to 50k+ (which isn't even close to top 1% btw)

4. Ehh this ones debatable, it can go both ways but I see what you mean. But eventually there going to be some unhappy group.

5. Convoy and Plunder is a really great feature if used correctly. While yes it can make people toxic, it also is a way to inspire competition which is one of the biggest factors that help communities survive. Again, if you don't like your situation then just build up your power and you will be able to beat them eventually.

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