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[ Updates ] Tsunade NPC,Chakra system, Upcoming ninjas and breakthroughs,ninja collection.


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Here are some of my doubts so please read all of them

1) When 5.0 was released, there was a tsunade NPC that allowed for some "skillbook training".What exactly was it and when can we expect it to return?

2) There was also a chakra training system which could be accessed through the stats in the character menu and had the picture of hiruzen sarutobi(third hokage). When will that feature return?Some players in my group spent a lot of coupons in it and now that menu and all their gained power is also gone.

3) Now that CN is releasing ninjas at such a fast rate, what can one expect to be the speed of releasing new ninja.Could there be a sort of Monthly ninja calendar or something according to which players could plan which ninjas they want to save for.

4) Moreover, many ninja , clothing in CN are given for free through events (shizuka,speed of light) or nominal price(swimsuit temari), while their price is relatively much much higher in the english servers, is there any particular reason for it?

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I can answer some questions. not all. i'll leave those to the mods or more experienced players.

2) the disappearance of the chakra training system. your elemental attack % should still be there btw. those stats wouldn't have disappeared.

4) Ninjas are also given for free here :) If you check the event shizuka/guren/shira/chiriku is given out in, you'll notice they need a token for every time they clap. It's the same principle behind redeeming ninjas for free here.

Also, the clothing system is different in CN. You get the outfit, but the clothing has to be levelled up. You start of with outfits that cost like 100 coupons and base stats of +5 nin/atk/etc. then you level them up using cloth like we do with our regular battle armour (lvl 2 is +10, lvl 3 is +15 or something). It's expensive. We pay for the clothes because it gives us the costume and the stats together.

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1) in that NPC, you can do three things. 1. Farm materials to craft skillbooks. 2. Use those materials to craft skillbooks. Note: any duplicate skillbooks c*so be used to craft skillbooks. 3. A treasure of skillbooks and you use seal scrolls. Nobody except for the mods will tell you when this update will come. Just look out for the update on Wednesdays when they do announcements.

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OMG, Oasis, can you update please Tsunade NPC. It will be a really good think! Please!

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  • NastyaNastya On 2020-07-07 19:08:47
  • OMG, Oasis, can you update please Tsunade NPC. It will be a really good think! Please!

ye i dont want that to happen...

you see, in cn version their tsunade is fully function, and they have a fairly frustrating situation... they arent able to use ninja frags to buy breakthrough books anymore...

they are only be able to buy them books with either an absurd amount of seal scrolls, or an absurd amount of coupons.

seeing our version very depend on the book buying with frags, i dont think update tsunade npc is a good idea.

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trust me, u dont wanna buy a kushina book for 3000 cps...

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Hello, I will consider both sides to this, and pass them both along to the devs, informing them how players are feeling regarding this system.

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