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[ Lineup ] Water Main W Ningendo pain


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Just got him and like a kid at kandy store i wanna use him but idk how.... Im level 62....
just looking for some guidance..

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How in the nine hells do you not have Hinata? O.e

What I run as an Azure Fang is:

Azure --- Tobi --- Blank
Blank --- Ningendo --- Hinata (4* - you need her at least at 3*)
Blank --- Blank --- Blank

I run with Bull for my summon, Heal and Heal for Mystery and Attack, the Water Dragon for my Chase, Healing Tips, and Poison Tai. You can put on the clone in front of Tobi, but I much prefer Poison Tai as that will help much more against high defense/resistance people, or finish someone that a combo won't. So, what happens?

Round 1: Hinata Mystery, she tanks all the attacks like a pro.
Round 2: Tobi Mystery -> Hinata Smackdown -> Tobi *up -> Water Dragon -> Hinata Acupuncture -> Bull Rush -> Ningendo Chase. This leaves one ninja ignited, poisoned a couple times if they didn't have shields, Immobolized, and Sealed.

If you're against a Lightning Main, wait to use Tobi Mystery until after you've healed everyone, because chances are, you've got a Chidori Blade. Usually though you'll wanna heal anyway.

Round 3: Ningendo Chaos -> Hinata Smackdown -> Tobi *up -> etc.
Round 4: Tobi Handsmack -> etc.
Round 5: Offround for using talents, but by this point, one or two ninjas should be down. Aim for their key combo'ers, and cripple the team. Or aim for the healer, but I recommend eliminating their combo ability first. Amazingly, this team will do well against most anything, but'll have trouble with Earth guys. Ignition is your friend there. Also amazingly, this team works well even without Ningendo, because chances are, they target Ningendo first. He's squishier than the Water Main.

This team's worked against most everyone for me, until I hit people with multiple pains. Or, much more recently, against people with Sage Naruto. It wrecks me hard. :dizzy:
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Awessssssomeeeee i just got shurado too so im gonna try this as well.
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