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Jonin Minato Early Game


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So.. I've been told that Jonin Minato without his bond mystery doesn't have enough damage to be useful. Even then I was thinking about getting him to use with Gaara 4 stars and Iruka/Hinata + Wind Main. Is it a good idea? Considering his current price and that I can afford buying him and having some coupons left for next week (around 1k left, plus starting the 5k froggy wednesday).

It is important to mention that the server is new (1 week old on wednesday), so I don't have a really have any hope's of getting kakashi kid so soon...

Would be something like:

WM Jonin Minato X

Iruka Gaara X


Talents 3213 (lv 51 still)

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  • Big E On 2018-09-12 02:39:05
  • Instead of Iruka I would use Shikaku. You get amazing chase synergy with minato. 40 chakra + immobile. which will help to fire off minato+ gaara in round 2.

The problem about Shikaku is, in order to get him I'd have to use A LOT of moon scrolls to get Choza Akimichi first. And I'm using my moon scrolls to get cave keys, saving 1050 of them for the eventual rebate (I'm hoping it comes, and I have enough by then).

So, for now, doesn't seem like Shikaku is a possibility... Having 30 seal scrolls in hand, I could try pulling them on seal treasure to see if I get kurenai and maybe Obito [Shonen] as a bônus, but that doesn't seem really worthy as I can just end up getting Zabuza, 20 Guy Frags and Karin or whatever.

Thing is, I'm Fire Main right now (lv 53), and I'd use Jonin Minato with Gaara and Shikamaru [Chunnin] or Hinata until lv 60, when I'd turn to Wind Main and use him with Gaara and Iruka. Is it worth spending all my 5k coupons to get him right now? Or should I just go for the speed of light clothing and save my coupons?

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  • DigitalRelease On 2018-09-12 08:40:45
  • We don't know if he'll remain this cheap & that'll be effecting this answer- my immediate answer considering your circuumstances, yes I'd get him, purely because he will eventually evolve into something amazing that you can make use of, sure you wont be able to use him effectively right now- but lets be honest, there's not much you can uuse effectively right now so it's a mute point in all honesty.
    There's also no ninja you cann use that would beat him anyway, so it's a case of do YOU like him? If so, pick him up, it's not a purchase you will regret as he'll only get stronger with time.

    There's nothing you can grab that will be better than him for this cost.
    That's not to say if you saved, you wouldn't be able to pick up something better in the future- but that's the choice you make, Shisui would in my opinion be the better choice for you right now in my opinion- but he'd be triple the cost.

Thank you a lot! That's an amazing answer and really helped me. I'll be getting the minato now, and then I'm saving coupons until I can get 5k Madara. So I guess in 2 months or such I'll be able to get both 5k Madara and Minato's bond mystery after the merge. That should put me in a good position for a good time.

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