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The arena is a terrible place


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I dont even see the opint of your statement because your oponents are clearly dumb.

Dont give a crap about them.

You're not suppsed to retreat in Ranked. Training is fine bc we have to use odd ninjas sometimes for moon coins.

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  • TOMB0LOCKD0WN! On 2018-09-10 17:55:49
  • *Nods*, you made me realized something. I really shouldn't need to use auto complete ever again XD now I feel dumb LOL.

Yh, I didnt do arena missions for a long time at the start bc I was confused.

I only found out about training later.


i have had to use the weirdest *.

But why would ppl retreat in ranked tho.

Everyone needs the points.

Some whales have been kind enough to retreat for me tho.


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  • DigitalRelease On 2018-09-11 00:41:03
  • People retreat because when you've played long enough you know what teams you can & can't face, Initiative is also a big factor- there's team you can beat if you out initiate and teams you can't, if I'm queuing and they standard first & I don't I can't win if they out initiate me, I retreat as it's faster to retreat & queue up again than sit through a fight you know is lost.

    People believe the game takes skill, which is an odd concept, it's more knowledge based than anything else- the game can eventually become linear in it's execution & you can estimate a fights outcome pretty accurately when you've learnt the game & it's mechanics.

i meant why retreat when you're stronger.

retreating in ranked makes no sense unless you know you're going to lose.

the argument in this entire thread is about retreating even when you're stronger just because your opponent asked you to.

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  • Kuebiko On 2018-09-12 11:14:13
  • isnt this only available on weekends?

    i might be wrong but i don't think it's available for the whole week. still gotta brave through the arena some days

    about the people begging for wins...well ig i can understand if it happens in training arena, but ranked...that's a whole 'nother level of desperate.

    when people say they need a win in ranked, my auto response is "yea me too u ain't special" lul. if u tell them "no" fast enough they usually retreat :)

    i personally still want battle chat in arena. communicating with players is part of strategy (morale/bluffs/etc. it's an mmorpg yea, not just an rpg), and sometimes u just want to drop a geniune 'ggwp' here and there. if you're just dead set on avoiding everyone chatting in arena, just mute that channel before you head in

yh exactly

EVERYONE needs points in ranked

this is not training battle


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